BigTruck Hats and Julia Mancuso Shoot

Since I have moved to Truckee, CA, I have met some amazing people and made some great business connections. One of those connections has been with BigTruck Brand hats. They make top quality trucker style hats with unique designs, fabrics, and colors. You can even select your own patterns and colors at one of their “sew on site” events, to make your own one of a kind BigTruck hat. Their hats have been gaining popularity all over the nation. They have provided hats for: US Ski Team, America’s Cup, Squaw Valley, Pandora, and Sprint to name a few.

I approached them, with the goal to provide lifestyle and product images that would really show off the great quality and fun first attitude of their brand. Luckily, they were receptive and excited about me helping them out. In fact, the first shoot we have done together was with Olympic skier, Julia Mancuso. She is a long time friend of one of the founders of the brand, and has been a supporter since the company started.

We met Julia and shot pictures outside her dad’s beautiful home in Squaw Valley, with views of the mountains in the front and small peaceful lake in the backyard. The weather was on my side that morning, as we arrived with sun softened by high cirrus clouds and no wind. It was great meeting Julia, and she was so easy to photograph. With all the exposure of her success in the Olympics, she is not only a pro skier but also has become a pro model. She was very comfortable in front the camera.  Galen, her long time friend and one of the founders of BigTruck, was there and he did a great job getting Julia to laugh, smile and goof around. We had a great time and blew through five hats and outfits in less than an hour.

Below are several of my favorites from the shoot. I could not show one of the hats as it has not been released yet by BigTruck. So stay tuned for an update! Big thanks go out to Galen and Emily for giving me the opportunity, and to Julia for giving her time and great energy.



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