Megan and Andy’s Wedding Celebration

In September, I had the fortunate opportunity to photograph a wonderful couple during the celebration of their recent wedding. Their wedding took place a month earlier in San Francisco at City Hall, a day after they both ran a marathon in the city.


If running a marathon after getting married sounds like a different way to celebrate, now you know a little more about Megan and Andy. They are a unique pair, and in a good way. First and foremost, they love each other. Secondly, they love running. In fact, Andy asked Megan to marry him while they were running a marathon together!  He actually waited until the last mile to pop the question. He carried the ring during the entire marathon! This is a perfect example of how their love and dedication for running is transferred over into their love and dedication to each other.

Since Megan and Andy were married at city hall in San Francisco with only a small group in attendance, they held a reception for all their family and friends a month later in their hometown of Reno. The venue they chose was a friend’s backyard, which looked out to the hills of the city. The backyard would be a perfect location for the type of celebration they desired, a casually elegant backyard barbeque, complete with a pit roasted pig. Close friends and family helped to transform the large backyard into an inviting reception venue. There were games for the kids and adults to play, plenty of tables to enjoy food and conversation, and drinks to help cool off in the late summer heat. The weather was beautiful and hot, but when the sun dipped low in the sky, the backyard glowed. The glow was also seen on all of the faces who attended. The feeling of love and happiness for the newly married couple was palpable.

I enjoyed my task of capturing all the happy moments unfolding during the celebration. As always, there are so many to capture. Megan and Andy made me feel like a welcome part of the group . Thanks goes out to Megan and Andy for the wonderful opportunity.


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