Laurie & Chris, Hood River Oregon

This past August, I had the pleasure of capturing moments from Laurie and Chris’s wedding. The location was spectacular, just like their love for each other. It was held at the Crag Rats Hut, east of Hood River Oregon, nestled atop a hill that is surrounded by pear orhchards.


The day was hot with the hazy sun beating down on a beautiful backdrop of pear orchards. Majestic Mt. Hood standing guard in the distance. The Crag Rats hut has a commanding view of the area. The hut is a two story, hexagonal building, used as a club house for the Crag Rats. From the pictures hanging on the wall, it looked like the Crag Rats were a mountaineering club from the 1950’s. I enjoyed walking around looking at the years of member photos and memorabilia (old sets of poles, snowshoes, etc.). Surrounding the back of the building is a beautiful upper deck, a paver patio, and a bit of lawn. A perfect setting for the wedding of Chris and Laurie, a couple who love to mountain bike together.

The families arrived early so we could get some family portraits done. The families were all brightly dressed, which matched their faces and personalities. I always keep my fingers crossed that the family portraits go well, as many people don’t like posing for pictures. But Chris and Laurie’s families were pros, and the camera loved them. We got some great pictures of all the different family combinations.

The wedding was impromptu, with everyone standing in a semicircle around the bride and groom, while taking in the view beyond. The feeling of love and support for this couple by the gathered family and friends was palpable. To capture a wedding in this environment is what makes wedding photography fun.

The rest of the day was fun, capturing all the moments of good friends, family and lots of smiles. Below are few of my favorites from Chris and Laurie’s day. Enjoy, and much thanks to Chris and Laurie, and their families and friends.



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