Travel iPhone-a-roids: Florida

So let’s face it, I am professional photographer and I probably shoot more pictures with my iphone than on my camera. I hate to admit that, but it sorta makes sense. I have my phone with me all the time, it fits in my pocket way better than my dslr, and it can make…iphone-a-roids! I discovered my new found love with digital polaroids when I first downloaded the app ShakeIt Photo. This was back when i had an iphone4; yeah the olden days.


ShakeIt Photo is a simple app that turns pictures into square polaroids complete with paper edge and polaroid sound. This square format is reminiscent of the SX-70, my all time favorite polaroid camera. The look of the photo is also reminiscent of a polaroid image. Colors become more saturated, grainy, a bit blurry in some areas. Shadows become darker, highlights a bit more blown out and glowing. In other words, it takes an okay photo and turns it into an artistic masterpiece! And the polaroid frame gives the image a classic look.

I have found that this is my go to app when wanting to capture a cool rendering of something that catches my eye. Over the years, as i have upgraded phones, this app has stayed with me, and now I have amassed a large collection of fun and interesting photos shot with this app. I like to use this app alot when i am travelling for work or play. I would come home with a collection of classic reproductions of the places I got to visit. So it just dawned on me about a month ago that posting these iphone-a-roids of my travels here would be a great way to showcase what moments just had to be captured in this style.

This first set of iphone-a-roids that i am going to share are from Florida. I was over there earlier this year for several days for an architecture job. A special friend came along with me as a little vacation while I worked. We had a fun time exploring the area around Miami together when I was not working. I say special friend because we were newly dating, and on our first trip together. The first trip with someone you are dating is always a toss of the coin. It go incredibly well, or you both find out it is terribly wrong. Lucky for us, we had a great time together, and the weather was amazing! Especially, compared to what type of weather we left behind. We left Bend, Or in one of the biggest snowstorms. It literally dumped 2 feet overnight, which is rare for that part of the state. So our local flight was cancelled, so we had to drive over the pass to Portland to catch our flight to Miami. On the way out of town, we got stuck multiple times, but once we got on the main highway it was slow and steady all the way to the airport. We made it in time to catch our flight, and we were so happy to flying somewhere warm and sunny in February!


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