On Location with Ruffwear, Spring 14

A couple months ago, I had the good fortune to be booked again by Ruffwear to shoot on location images for their upcoming dealer catalog. With the help of Victor Ortado and the Ruffwear team, beautiful locations were found around Central Oregon. We also lucked out with amazing weather for the day of the shoot.



Our morning location was the iconic Smith Rock State Park. This place is awe inspiring no matter how many times I see it. Amazing rock formations the curve gracefully, while the crooked river flows quietly by. We were greeted with warm sunny weather and beautiful clouds which perfectly softened the harsh edge of the light.

After a few great hours at Smith Rock, we headed back to the forests of Bend to get a variety of different shots in the trees. We finished up the shoot day at a backyard stable in Sunriver, where we captured shots of the ranch dog lifestyle. It was a great day, being outside, and in the company of wonderful people with their furry friends. It sounds funny saying that, but that is the truth. They weren’t just dogs, they were friends and family members. I think my favorite part of the shoot this time was shooting little quick portraits of the dogs and their owners. The owners held a sign that said “My dog is…” and each owner would fill in what their dog was to them. I loved capturing that moment with dog and human together, hopefully both looking at the camera.

Thanks again goes out to Victor Ortado and to Ruffwear. They are an amazing company and a joy to work with. I look forward to the fall shoot this year.


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