On the road for Nike

For the last several months, I have had the opportunity to photograph the interiors and exteriors of Nike Factory stores across the country. Thanks to my friend and colleague, Charles Chesnut of Visual Aspect Inc, he has enlisted my help covering these locations when he is busy on another job. In the last five months I have been to: Newark, Orlando, Omaha, Miami, San Antonio, and San Fransisco.

Final Image (after compositing and retouching)

Charles has been great, entrusting me to help him out and fill in to capture these Nike Factory Store locations. It has been an excellent learning experience for me. Charles is a master photography technician in all genres. He has developed an amazing process to fully capture all the levels of detail of these interiors and exterior spaces into one amazing image.

Taking picutres of the various predetermined angles and merchandise displays is the first half of the process. This has been the part that I have played for Charles and Nike. For each angle, I shoot a bracket, or a range, of images. Each with a slightly diferrent exposure. This allows the camera to capture detail in the dark shadows to bright highlights. For the outdoor images, a range of pictures is taken for the window displays before dawn, and a second bracket just at sunrise for the building and the sky. After all the images for a location are captured, I send them back to Charles to work his digital magic. See below…

One of the unretouched exposures from the bracket.
Before…One of the unretouched exposures from the bracket of images of this angle.
After...the final composited and retouched image. Beautiful!
After…the final composited and retouched image. Beautiful!

With Photoshop, Charles takes several exposures from the bracket of one angle and combines them in one image that shows the full range of detail in the scene. It is a painstaking process that involves layers, layer masks, selections, color channels, etc. The finished product shows off the color and fine detail of the store locations. All this detail is important to Nike, so that they may really see how a store is organized and merchandised. Here is a few more examples of the finished images….


I want to say a big thanks to Charles Chesnut, and to Nike, for the opportunity. These shoots have been fun adventures and a great learning experience in the modern method of architecture photography.


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1 thought on “On the road for Nike

  1. Great pics, Ryan, and how fun to be able to travel doing what you love!

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